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John Buecheler & Associates, Engineering & Construction Project Management




Born in a bi-cultural environment riding France and Germany, Dr. Buecheler, after a formal education in Mechanical Engineering, obtained his Master’s Degree in Industrial Organization & Techniques of Fabrication from SFIT (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), which is generally rated No.1 of Continental Europe’s higher education institutes.


During military service, after a year of specialized training in military engineering & construction at EAG, Anger, France, he was appointed as Lieutenant to a strategic construction project in Oran, Algeria.


Later-on, he pursued doctoral studies in International Business Administration at NYU, and at LSU he graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Dr. Buecheler’s business experience was acquired by directing major engineering & construction projects across the globe for some of the world’s leading engineering/construction firms, and later-on through the functions of marketing director.


His main strength: Ability to complete major projects on Time and within Budget.


  Global Exposure


Besides the North America, global exposure rests on  project execution and on marketing experience in South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia,

Also, communication in a foreign environment was facilitated due to fluency in English, French and German. Further, the familiarization with Brazilian Portuguese, Italian and Spanish as well as the understanding of some local dialects helped to feel at ease with local cultures and business practices and to transcend many barriers.


  Licenses and Business Affiliations


We maintain current professional engineering licenses and brokerage licenses.

We are also member of relevant professional associations.

Project Management Support Information

  Project Management State-of-the-Art


A survey of project management methodologies utilized by world-class engineering & construction companies has been performed, leading to the present state-of-the-art, namely to best management practices.


  Information on Directed Capital Projects

Highlights on major projects executed in accordance with industry’s best practices, including a summary on the main challenges, are limited to non-confidential information.


  Developed Project Management Training Information