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John Buecheler & Associates, Engineering & Construction Project Management

Sales - Marketing Services


  Sales - Marketing Management


We are in a position to offer Sales and Marketing support, based on prior marketing experience in the USA, South America and Western Europe, although the development of proposals extended to projects in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia as well.



Our experience in the preparation and presentation of proposals ranges for project sizes of $ 10 million up to total project costs of $2 billion.

Such proposals include:


On the “Owner’s” side, our experience includes:

  Negotiation of Change Orders


We may also provide assistance in negotiation of critical change orders.


An extreme instance involved the preparation and challenging negotiation of a series scope modifications bundled into a single negotiated change order package covering 2 million technical man-hours.




From a sales-marketing point of view, we are experienced to provide support in technical, economic and financial studies for international petroleum and petrochemical projects of modest capital requirements up to estimated TIC (Total Investment Cost) of $3.5 billion.